Handling conflicts with patience

There is a lot of guesswork in parenting and often I have concerns about my kids. Sometimes going to my family members is hard when I have parenting questions. When I need answers I come to places like the Early Years Centre. I learn from other moms and people who work there. There is one…

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The best is when she says…

I often have to work late or leave early in the morning, and when I do, I might not get to see my daughters in the morning or at night before bed. Someone asked me once if I’d ever asked my daughter how she feels when I have to work and I don’t see her….

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Learning to say “should” less often

I’m trying to say “should” less. My daughter’s 18 and she’s been travelling for the first time on her own, and having a rough time of it. Her first 24 hours wererocky—she had problems with her trains, missed her bus to a small town, and ended up getting a ride from a woman who noticed…

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