We are reinventing decision making.

Traditional decision making is fraught with
barriers, complexities and inefficiencies.
Powernoodle’s cloud platform enables decisions that are...
email thread hell group think logistics time zones gender travel generations water cooler chat locations fear of failure silos long teleconferences personalities social liking politics workload thinking styles cultures mistrust bureaucracy telephone virtual document decision making inefficiencies


ideas should be evaluated, not people

Challenge: Silos, politics, culture, gender, generations, over-optimism

With Powernoodle…

  • Get the real story and situational assessment (more fun way to say)
  • Unchain people’s brains to drive creativity
  • Embed desired behaviors and remove the barriers traditionally tackled by HR in costly programs


respecting people's unique work styles drives better results

Challenges: Unproductive meetings, email threads from hell, matrixed teams across locations

With Powernoodle…

  • People give their best - enable different thinking styles and “hot brain” times
  • Your in-demand people participate in short bursts across a greater number of projects
  • Spin up an easy-to-use decision space to connect people across locations and timezones… the next frontier of agile


diverse contributions and a structured approach yield powerful innovation

Challenges: Group Think, Suggestion boxes, another survey, Popularity contests (social likes)

With Powernoodle…

  • Ignite deeper conversations to drive more valuable insights and understanding
  • Structured approach to innovation (innovation is all about making good decisions)
  • Scientific research has been built-in so you can leverage the best of individuals and groups and avoid the pitfalls of both.


trust is the key to successful change

Challenges: Fear of reprisal, strategic misrepresentation, failure finger pointing

With Powernoodle…

  • Reduce RISK with safe spaces that encourage people to share what they really think
  • Transparency through decision reporting (aka cover your assumptions)
  • Trust that decision making activities across your organization are delivered with quality and consistency


people want to get things done

Challenges: Not deciding, rat-hole conversations, soapbox orators

With Powernoodle…

  • Drive from insight to action
  • Stay on topic!! (even virtually and not in real time) (can’t use asynchronously.. what else can we use?)
  • Build alignment, buy-in and commitment
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